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Teacher's Guide contains basic information about the Moon, such as Lunar Landscape, craters, moon rocks and a lot more.

Lesson Plans For your convience certain units have been extracted from the "Exploring the Moon Teacher's Guide" for seperate downloading.

Simple Models If you are interested in a building of Lunar Prospector model instructions can be found in this section.

Activities The 25 hands-on activities were the core of the SpaceDay 98 educational event. Each activity had been selected based on its science/educational value and its relevance to the Lunar Prospector Mission.

Exploring Space is the website for Interactive Education at the NASA Ames Research Center.

Moonlink, a division of Space Explorers, Inc. headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, has developed a series of Internet based classroom modules that allow students to follow the Lunar Prospector mission and act out various mission scenarios from their classrooms.

Further Reading Learn more about the topics discussed in the education section.