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Intro to Instruments This section gives a brief overview of each of the major instruments on board Lunar Prospector.

Alpha Spectrometer Learn more about what this instrument does, and what the results from this instrument are.

Electron Reflectometer Learn more about this instrument, and what scientists have found using it.

Magnetometer Learn more about this instrument, and what the results were from the experiment it was used in.

Neutron Spectrometer Learn more about how this instrument works, and what results scientists have found using it..

Doppler Gravity Experiment Learn more about this experiment, which used the whole spacecraft as the instrument.

Scientists Who are the scientists that run the Lunar Prospector program, and what is their involvment in the program? Learn the answers to these questions here.

Ice on Moon One of the biggest questions was whether there is water onthe moon or not. What have scientists found and how have they found it?

Further ReadingGet more information about topics in this section.